Stakrn Agency announces its service of esports talents representation

Montpellier (France), 12 July 2018
Stakrn Agency, the esports consulting agency of Stakrn (the esports business company) based in Montpellier and Manchester (with John Armstrong as associate and head of Starkn UK), is today launching its esports talents representation service, in addition to its activities of supporting brands, sports clubs and investors in electronic sports.

Managing top players and rising stars of esports

By positioning itself as an esports agent, Stakrn Agency offers customised support to players under contract to help them develop their careers. Each player benefits from the following services:
- mental preparation and performance development
- communication optimization, online reputation, personal branding and social media management
- career management support

Top players have already joined Stakrn Agency and will be unveiled later this summer.
The goal by September 2018 is to sign around fifteen French players and then to extend its activities in Europe by the end of the year with some international top players and teams.

A team of professionals to meet the sector's requirements

With an important network of partners and clients in France and abroad, Stakrn Agency will manage its players negotiations with brands, sports clubs and esports organisations who would like to acquire their skills for advertising contract, marketing activation, player contract, etc.

To drive this new service, the company managed by Boris Bergerot, will strengthen its ranks with the extremely welcome addition of Pierre "Mewt" Ratier, former president for ten years of the BAM eSport and rightly recognized for the quality of his management and his relationship with players and brands

Finally, Stakrn Agency has also created a working alliance with the business law firm "Simon Associés" for the drafting and management of contracts (via Sophie Nayrolles, Guénola Cousin and Sophie Barruet from the Montpellier office), the company "Center Coachs", expert in the physical and mental preparation of athletes and cyber-athletes (via its director Frédérick Vergnas), "South Digital Group" for communication support and "Uninksport" for the apparel needs in particular (via founders Paul Danset and Fabien Genty).

This new talent representation service marks a new course for Stakrn (LTD) and Stakrn Agency which continue their development in esports, both in France and internationally.

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